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The Gig Economy; does that mean anything to you? For some it’s become a buzz word yet for others they have no idea what this is including those who may be currently working in it. If you attempt to discover what it is for yourself, you will come across a wide variety of ideas and opinions some of which are not even well defined. This adds even more confusion especially for a small percentage of those who have suddenly discovered they have been dumped into it and truly need to figure it out. Depending on how you define it, this is essentially the world of The Independent Contractor yet even that has its share of fuzzy boundaries including old definitions used by government studies that are over 10 years old. Fortunately due to this persistent lack of understanding with this rapidly growing phenomenon, some organizations have taken the time to perform some intense surveys resulting in a growing and unfolding understanding yet it still takes time and effort to uncover this large volume of information. There is no single source or location that approaches this topic that results in a comprehensive understanding of not just what The Gig Economy is, how to get involved in it, but most importantly how to survive it, until now.

The potential impact of The Gig Economy can affect anyone at any time from those just seeking additional income that works around their personal schedules to those seeking an alternative to their normal work routine to those who have been notified their position has been eliminated to those who have always dreamed of “being their own boss”. This is essentially a course for everyone because it covers the elements of supplemental income also called Side Gigging to the fundamentals of creating an online presence that will assist you in establishing yourself as a Quality Freelancer.

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Applying my 18 years of experience in analysis, this course first explores the wide variety of information out there using a very small sampling of the immense volume of information online and then delves into the results of some polls and surveys that begin to define what it’s about. This is followed by using the results of these surveys along with the wisdom from the number one online freelancer to define the basic elements of The Gig Economy in easy to relate to terminology which then helps you to determine which pathway into The Gig Economy will work best for you.

The development of the “On Demand Gig Economy” which this course refers to as the Uber et als (Uber, AirBnB, TaskRabbit, etc) has created more opportunities for independent or self employed work than ever before but this is not without its pitfalls and struggles. This course discusses these elements in such a way as to not discourage you from them but to ensure you are properly informed so you can make an educated decision.

If you are ready to dive into this rapidly developing world of independent work that offers you the freedom and the flexibility to choose who, how, when, and where you earn either part time or full time income, this course is for you and I’ll see you inside.

Curiosity Seekers are also welcome!! Come on in, dip your toes in the waters of this information because this is a course for everyone!

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The Gig Economy Preparation Guide