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I am a professional Metrics & Reporting Specialist and Microsoft Excel/VBA Developer with over 17 yrs of extensive experience in metrics, reporting, and presentation skills specializing in metrics development, report design, data analysis, and automation.  My previous roles at United Airlines, Allstate Insurance, CVS/Caremark, Abbott Labs, AbbVie, and National Government Services utilized my highly advanced skills in Microsoft Excel, including the use of customized advanced formulas, PivotTables, complex and interactive graphs, templates, data collection files, and VBA coding.  I have worked with and analyzed large amounts of data.  I have regularly interfaced and presented to Senior Management in some of these companies.  I have the greatest level of attention to detail, ensuring true and total accuracy in my reports.  Additionally, I have used MS PowerPoint and MS Word extensively.  I have been consistently recognized for my accuracy, customized reporting, analysis and presentation skills from Most Valuable Player to Exceeded Expectations to Platinum Level Awards.



  • Microsoft Excel Developer
  • Automate current & future reporting using MS VBA
  • Application based VBA such as Data Collection Files including User Login and tracking.
  • Very Proficient in Word and PowerPoint
  • Experience with a variety of databases interfaces including HEAT, Trackwise,
    and ClearQuest data extraction and queries including merging Parent-Child data.
  • Trained in Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence
  • Ad Hoc and Automated Business Objects Reports
  • Close attention to details and quality
  • ITIL Foundation Certified
  • A+ Certified PC Technician
  • Dale Carnegie graduate



Indianapolis, IN
June 2014 to June 2016

Metrics Advisor

  • Primary role supporting CMMI Metrics & Analysis (M&A) responsibilities of maintaining and enforcing the Plan and SOP procedural documents and any reporting procedures including automating the process wherever possible. Integral role in preparing for 2016 SCAMPI.
  • Assemble, maintain, proof, and distribute the Monthly Operations Report in MS PowerPoint from slides submitted by various stakeholders.
  • Created an interface using VBA for updating weekly project status converting it from a form in PowerPoint with text boxes to an interface that updated a mockup of the slide enforcing formatting procedures in real time resulting in ease of use and reduced entry time. Enforced the lockdown of data plus lockout of user after designated time.  Automated the assembly process of the resulting report significantly reducing the time resulting in more on time publishing. The format was eventually converted to Word requiring redesigning the back end processes.
  • Queried and analyzed ClearQuest data. Then aggregated the data by certain Workflow Markers such as Submitted, Assigned, Opened, Implemented and Closed and their respective Elapsed Times analyzing the results over time using various aggregation parameters. From this effort develop their first set of ITSM based metrics metrics as Phase 1 with further metrics to be developed.
  • Attended metrics meetings to consult on progress of current and developing metrics.
  • Automated several reports entirely removing the tedious manual entries previously required.


ABBVIE INC. (formerly Abbott Laboratories)
Waukegan, IL
May 2012 to June 2014

QA Management Review Metrics Specialist

  • Expanded version of the role I supported as a contractor in this Abbott spinoff company. Responsible for preparing the metrics dashboard and presentation materials for all levels of their Management Reviews including up to the CEO.
  • Responsible for maintaining and enforcing the documented procedures within the company’s Quality Document Management System (QDMS) including yearly reviews, changes to processes, etc. Participated in 5 Mock FDA Audits.
  • As a result of a long standing frustration with the “security” in a previous data collection file that logged the user and locked down the data, I rebuilt the entire backend of the file and incorporated via VBA the following: 1) Access the Username from within the Windows OS to ensure user identity and creating an auto login. 2) Using a User Form, trapped the user within specific functions only allowing the actions of that function including deactivating parts of the form to ensure the integrity of the actions are performed. 3) Company Policy requires a two person verification. Created a routine that detected if the this policy was not adhered to then warned the user and colored the resulting Date/Timestamp red to visually indicate the policy had not been followed.  4) If a data restatement was required, allowed only one cell at a time to be changed to ensure the proper tracking of all changes.  5) All of these enhancements allowed for better tracking resulting in a more robust Audit Trail.
  • Previous version of a KPI Dashboard was very old and filled with various fixes. Rebuilt it from scratch adding the following enhancements: 1) Previous charts were performance %’s only.  Added volumes to the all charts because Volume vs Performance tells a broader and more varied story.  2) Reorganized how the data was aggregated for better high level to low level usage.  3) Used many of the new functionalities in Excel 2010 including adding depth to the charts for a 3 D look, incorporated the expanded Conditional Formatting, and Icon Sets.  3) Designed “smart” VBA that knows what sheet is active and which one was selected by selecting on a form.
  • As a result of continuous complaints and confusion about a long ago established report, redesigned it from scratch deploying changes in the design and functionality  The resulting upgraded report is more positively received as it allows the user to directly to the issue and easily export the data for analysis.


Waukegan, IL
Feb 2010 to May 2012

QA Metrics & Reporting Analyst (Support Level II)

  • Maintain current reporting established prior to my arrival, automating these processes wherever possible.
  • Using a custom web based database interface, ran a series of predetermined reports for use in a major dashboard used primarily for their Management Reviews.
  • Re-learned how to use Cognos Reporting Tool running prebuilt system reports, updated current reports and created custom reports as required.
  • Ensure all reporting of Complaints, Exception Reports, and CAPA’s is delivered on time regardless of shifting monthly deadlines.
  • Build new reports based on criterion given including automating their functionalities with MS VBA wherever possible. In some cases individual copies were deployed to share drives around the world. Created rollup files that linked to these global sites. Maintained any changes that may have ensued.
  • Update previously created tools such as an Excel based Data Warehouse to incorporate needed changes including updating and/or enhancing the structure of the file and its VBA coding.
  • Initially required to manually validate specific monthly metrics. Automated the process using customized formulas for faster results and a higher level of accuracy.
  • Extensive use of MS VBA including but not limited to files requiring the user to sign in with their reason of intent, logging this intent including the username, locking down the data ensuring all fields were completed, allowing the data to be restated including logging this process and protecting the file from any unauthorized entries. Other use of VBA imported new data, displayed forms to allow the user to select predetermined reports, and produce the details when needed.
  • Respond to inquiries when stakeholders do not understand or agree with metric results requiring researching the raw data to determine if the issue is correct and why, or whenever errors are truly discovered make the appropriate corrections which may include restating data from previous months.
  • As a result of a major re-org that split one large division into three smaller divisions, initially created 3 identical Dashboards from which various customizations and re-definitions resulted. This allowed me to tear out the back end of the original and institute better automations making the originally cumbersome dashboard assembly process easier to accomplish.
  • Automated a cumbersome Enterprise level created report that allows for it to be updated with less effort than the original process entailed. Adjusted that automation for multiple versions that were issued prior to its official launch.
  • Document reporting assembly procedures when required. Create training docs or presentations for new tools.
  • Learned how to use Trackwise, a new Complaint Registrations system including running and exporting report queries.
  • Help other employees with any Excel issues. Assist them with creating, updating and maintaining their reports.


CVS/CAREMARK (Consultant)
Bannockburn, IL
Nov 2008 to May 2009

Metrics, Measurements, and Reports Analyst

  • Took current scheduled PDF reports, exported their data and demonstrated they were not meeting their needs.
  • Worked with the HEAT database admin to create various data pull reports.
  • Analyzed the raw data and identified various issues related to Data Quality and Data Entry.
  • Created various mockup reports, some of which were implemented as weekly reporting.
  • Worked with the Director to merge various Program Management reports taking them from Pivot Tables to various charts including identifying key data issues that affected the charts integrity creating greater visibility, confidence of what was being viewed, flexibility, and ease of use.
  • Automated the above Program Management reports using MS VBA requiring only the original source data files and opening several files with the results auto adjusting for 1-7 Program Managers, produced 2 Data Integrity Reports, and included error checking and bailouts that ensured the report’s integrity. Total assembly time was 7 minutes.
  • Worked with the head Program Manager on identifying issues with the assembly of their Capacity Plan from which various automations were designed and then used MS VBA to employ them reducing a 7-11 hrs grueling process down to 1 hour including error checking and bailouts to ensure the integrity of the process was maintained.
  • Prepared and presented a presentation to the VP demonstrating the validity of the results of my efforts.
  • Participated as a team member on a project for the VP that involved changes to the HEAT ticketing system along with various reports per his requirements including an additional report of my design beyond his original specs that brought more visibility to his original requirements.
  • Documented all of the assembly processes for anyone to be able to do.


Northbrook, IL
August 2006 to February 2008

Metrics, Measurements, and Reports Analyst

  • Redesigned and automated a major quarterly division report comprised of Financial, People, Program Management, and Service Management that was originally in a very cumbersome form taking it from a grueling 10 day assembly process down to a simple 3 day assembly process.
  • Worked with two managers on the design and automation of a major weekly/monthly Service Management Report creating a combination of ITIL based and custom made metrics some of which were my own design in reaction to observed data issues as a result of my extensive data analyses. Incorporated custom VBA to accommodate the various requested output results. Complete documentation of metric logic and report assembly.
  • Received the company’s second highest division award as a result of the above efforts.
  • Created a combination of automated and ad hoc Web Intelligence reports in Business Objects.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing on new Business Objects Universes and reports. I then pulled the raw data using an alternative web based tool and manipulated the results in Excel analyzing these results in contrast to the Web Intelligence results. Write up results and discrepancies and discuss them with the Universe programmers.
  • Once the Universes were complete, created a series of reports using Web Intelligence, some of which were automated with others being ad hoc
  • Ad hoc automation of many other minor reports for various analysts and program managers.
  • Created and automated an Executive Insights Report which was distributed to all directors in PowerPoint. These initially were linked to Excel and upon updating it the PowerPoint links were broken.
  • All reporting contained built in data integrity validation to ensure the highest level of quality.


Elk Grove Village, IL
1999 to 2006

Service Performance Reporting
2004 to 2006

Staff Analyst-Metrics

  • Responsible for the redefinition of current metric logic and assist in the development of new metric logic correlating and integrating service performance with both improved product delivery and enhanced Customer Satisfaction. Extensive use of Microsoft Excel, including formulas, PivotTables, and advanced mastery of Excel skills. Some minor work with Access involved taking over a database and running or enhancing the current queries and then exporting the data for use in an Excel based report. Some minor use of TOAD for pulling data, was involved using pre-written queries from which some fields has to be altered such as dates.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance reports, including the creation of new metrics.
  • Design, develop, and implement new reports and scorecards, using new business logic, for the various internal and external user groups and customers.
  • Collaborate with all domestic and international stakeholders to implement the new metrics to ensure their needs have been met.
  • Assure that reports contain the most accurate and current data for reports viewed by Senior UAL VPs. Regular interaction at senior management levels (Managers and Directors) regarding Service Performance Reporting.
  • Review all data, metrics and reporting for accuracy. Provide detail-oriented oversight and quality control, leading to requisite corrective actions
  • Team with ISD, Cargo Technology and various other user groups to validate reporting requirements.
  • Secure data elements using all available data sources.
  • Build logic and business requirements for data marts.
  • Assist in defining report automation and distribution methodology.
  • Provide resource and analytical support utilizing Six Sigma DMAIC guidelines.
  • Responsible for researching any and all issues related to questions regarding the reports including any extensive data analyses at the level of the raw data.
  • Provide ad hoc data analysis and reports as required.
  • Provide technical support necessary to determine and define the feasibility of new business reporting tools and their development.
  • Worked with programmers in the development of Business Objects Universes. Once the data field requirements were established, tested the Universe using Web Intelligence or Crystal Reports in contrast to manipulating the raw data using Excel to mirror the field requirements and comparing the two for accuracy.
  • Once Universes were considered complete, begin implementation of report conversion to Crystal Reports and then create Web Intelligence reports for general employee web access.


Service Performance Reporting
2000 to 2004

Staff Analyst

  • Analyze and Report Cargo Service Performance to Freight and Regional Managers, Directors, VPs, Process Coordinators, Operational Managers and Contract Handlers.
  • Write data manipulation programs to automate weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Develop, design, and implement the launch of Cargo Service Performance reporting.
  • Traveled around the country and the world giving presentations to a wide and varied audience from Warehouse Supervisors, Sales Managers to Regional Managers in support of an aggressive growth agenda never before undertaken designed to make United Cargo the best in class.
  • Develop and/or adjust Cargo Service Performance goals based on division directives.
  • Responsible for weekly validation of data integrity.
  • Work with other depts. to incorporate Cargo Service Performance in their reports.
  • Visit domestic and international freight facilities to observe their Service Performance and evaluate its improvement.
  • Central point of contact for all Service Performance needs and enhancements.
  • Ad hoc reporting and/or data analysis as requested.
  • Assist fellow employees developing special reports not associated with Performance.


1999 to 2000

Support Analyst (Contract)

  • Monthly Service Performance Book-Assembly, analysis, write up, and distribution.
  • Maintained weekly and monthly reporting in Excel using SAS and Focus outputs.
  • Various ad hoc reporting.



ITIL Foundations Certified

Northbrook, IL – March 2007


Business Objects Training Center

Rosemont, IL – March 2006

  • Crystal Reports I-II-III
  • Web Intelligence


First Institute

Crystal Lake, IL – 1998 to 1999

  • Win 95, Dos, A+, and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Network Essentials (NetWare 4.1.1)


McHenry County College

Crystal Lake, IL

  • Calculus I
  • Electronics I & II


DePaul University

Chicago, IL – 1976 to 1981

  • BA in Music Theory      (Also took Basic I)