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Who doesn’t wish they sometimes had a Time Machine to at least suspend time to assist in meeting tight deadlines in the midst of so many other activities or even worse to turn back time to prevent errors in one’s work especially those that come back with teeth chomping down on the “backside” of your efforts?  Unfortunately those are relegated to classic movies and television shows unless of course you are a Subatomic Quantum Particle, then it’s a just routine part of your nanoseconds of life.

profile-picHello, my name is Jeff Staebell.  I am the Sole Proprietor of OTJ HelpDesk where saving you time is the best of what I do.  This is a new concept that I refer to as “Quality Services from the Cloud” and directly aligns with the up and coming Gig Economy but first things first; One of the first questions that comes to mind is not so much what I do but “What does OTJ stand for?”  It stands for On The Job in contrast to OJT which stands for On the Job Training.  The reason I didn’t choose the latter is because the intention of my company’s services is to offer more than just a variety of courses but most importantly to emphasize that although I had considerable training in preparation for my first corporate role, so much of what I now do was learned “On The Job” which is more of a DIY extension of my original training in response to the variable needs of the my role than actual training alone.  I’ve also realized that this is the way it happens for everyone regardless of their level of training which can result in some Excel nightmares for those with little or no training.  Because Excel is so powerful, it’s difficult to teach everything it does and even then you really need to apply it to your needs to fully understand it all.  HelpDesk is based on my willingness to always assist my fellow co-workers whether that was in Excel or general computer issues using my A+ Certification background so I used to refer to myself as a local help desk.  The conjunction of these two essentially references the conglomerate of my experiences, of course that’s once it’s been explained on my About page.

A detailed account of my Journey to Here can be found in my first blog post.

I’ve always been an innate Problem Solver whether it was the mundane tasks of childhood chores like washing dishes or mowing the lawn to finding creative and innovative ways to do whatever job I’ve done over the years the best I can in the shortest time possible.  Coupled with a Work Ethic that always brings my best to whatever I do from learning how to play the guitar to figuring out the best and most efficient ways to produce metrics and reporting, the results have always been Top Notch; I wouldn’t have it any other way.  One of the nice results of my Work Ethics are a number of awards I’ve won over the years which for me were “all in a day’s work” but still nice to have when your efforts are sometimes known all the way to the top of the organization.

My music degree is actually my first exploration in analysis not so much from the basic Music Theory everyone had to take but that I fell in love with it and took advanced theory courses.  Most people don’t know there’s a form of music analysis that compares the chord progressions with the dynamics of language; every piece has a Subject, Verb, and various modifiers which then can be reduced to one of several fundamental chord progressions no matter how complex the music is; cool stuff indeed. I bring this music background to my corporate metrics and reporting skills first from a love of analysis and then the “artsy-fartsy” I bring to report/dashboard design.  When I first went into computer technology the joke was I went from fixing cars to computers because I love a good challenge and am always figuring things out not just in my employment but in life in general.  One of the things that I’ve said that I adore about what I do is that if fully engages both sides of my brain with the Analytical and Creative aspects of being a Metrics and Reporting Analyst.


Doctor Who 20th Anniversary

Reporting inevitably ends up in the hands of some level of management whether that’s a Supervisor or the CEO where mistakes in the reports can many times have very serious consequences yet can be created from the simplest errors or just not knowing the structure of the overall data.  My need for automation skills became evident early one when my manager informed me that I need to be Bulletproof.  Little by little I found more and more creative ways to use Excel to address the challenges of the data including ensuring its integrity from extraction out of the database to the final report all saving me more and more time making me a Time Lord of sorts as I constantly am able to find a myriad number of ways to reduce the initial time spent or recognize from the design onset how to avoid time consuming activities.  When time is money, then there’s a second level of savings that is also incurred.


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Unfortunately I’m not a Time Lord nor do I play one on television so what OTJ HelpDesk offers you are the “Wise Eyes” of not only many years of experience in a variety of organizations but also an incessant attention to details both in the process of export, import, aggregation, and assembly.  You may not even be aware of the severity of your needs because when something has been done the same way for a long time, it’s assumed that it is the only way.  If you’re use of Excel and/or your Metrics Program does not contain a conscious awareness to minimize effort while maintaining the highest level of accuracy, then you can easily be an excellent candidate for a review.

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