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What We Do


Does your Metrics Program contain any of the following?

  • Defined with purpose and intention
  • A Data Integrity Protocol
  • Understand and support the phrase “the data is the data”
  • An Issue Resolution Process
  • Data Extraction Protocols
  • Definable and accountable targets and thresholds
  • Constantly identifying trends including any resulting Action Plans
  • A defined and established Communication Pathway
  • Define metrics with both Business and Program Logic
  • Automated process from extraction to aggregation to assembly including documentation
  • An assembly process that includes a “Mack Truck” Protocol aka a Metrics Continuity Plan

Is there a need to create, update, or enhance your Metrics Program? Do you know if your current program is sufficient in monitoring risk and various other trends, data quality and integrity, and documentation?  Would you like to know?

Have you or a co-worker while working with Excel:

  • …ever worked on a report or project that you knew was taking too long, prone to errors and knew that there had to be a better way but time constraints kept you in that negative loop?
  • …wished you had a tool that would automate, validate and/or log tasks or data entry?
  • …work with a report or tool created by someone with advanced skills who left or retired which needs updating but an equivalent resource is not available? Or the original resource was a novice and there’s no available resources to create a proper revision?
  • …have the skills required for various pending updates, revisions, and/or tools but cannot find the time to either implement or complete them?
  • …suddenly have a vacancy in a crucial reporting role scrambling to temporarily fill it while seeking out a qualified replacement?
  • …want to learn more but not all courses meet your needs?
  • Do you have monthly or quarterly executive reporting in PowerPoint that is branded and follows a strict template for the easiest of assemblies and most consistent professional look?
  • Have you ever used PowerPoint for animated software training?

 Welcome to OTJ HelpDesk!!

The Journey to Here started on April 12, 1999 that launched an enduring passion for Excel, VBA, Data Analysis, and Metrics and Reporting along with Automation and Documentation skills.  Over this time I have offered my advanced skills locally to assist in alleviating a multitude of frustrating issues or time consuming processes of my fellow employees. (What does OTJ mean?)

Time Saved Frees Resources for More Useful Tasks

Whether working with a coworker or tasked with cleaning up previous work, it is relatively common for my automation skills to produce results with a no less than 50% savings in time and effort with improved quality.  Many times it’s even more than that such as taking 5 hours of time consuming effort down to a 1 hour automated effort with little to no user intervention including various data integrity techniques that greatly raised the bar in quality overall.  This frees the individual(s) to focus their efforts in more productive areas plus alleviates much of the “Are you sure this is correct?” aspect that perennially plagues all metrics programs.

Every company I have worked for I would make the announcement of “If you thinks it’s taking too long and there’s got to be a better way, there probably is.  If I don’t already know how to resolve it, I can normally figure it out relatively fast.”  I often referred to this as being a “Local Help Desk” for not only Excel etc., but also using my A+ Certification background in assessing technical issues as a liaison between them and a call to the help desk; sometimes knowing when a reboot is required can save a lot of time and even from the horrors of losing precious work.  This has resulted in many times being referred to as a “Lifesaver”.


How much time can you save?


Award Winning Quality

I have been consistently rewarded for my automation, data analysis, data integrity and report assembly and design skills in every employee (non-contractor) role.  These have been Exceeding Expectations in a yearly review to acknowledgements that have ranged from Most Valuable Player to receiving one of the company’s highest awards for my contributions along with various other monetary awards for being the “local help desk”.  These awards have always been very appreciated acknowledgements of my efforts but the bottom line is that my work always makes a difference.  I have an innate ability for analysis coupled with Critical Thinking which many times results in uncovering unseen issues and/or seeing the need for improvements resulting in implementing these improvements with or without these acknowledgements.

Complex Tools No Longer Left Astray

Many times, due to their complexities, upon departure my advanced files have been “turned off” or tools I’ve built have been left astray along with a vacancy of the assistance these tools provided.  All that time and usefulness now either sits in an Archive folder or even deleted.

OTJ HelpDesk puts these skills into “the cloud” for easy and consistent virtual access and support.  Never again will a complex process be left out in the cold due to the vacancy of the resource.


My Award Winning Services (click here)


Hands On Knowledge That Goes Beyond Certifications

What I bring to the table is a practical Hands On Knowledge that many times can go beyond conventional training by certified trainers.  It’s what OTJ is all about, learning by business need not by a book trained teacher that may not always know how to address the many unique business challenges that arise as no two companies work with data in exactly the same way whether that’s the wide variety of interfaces available on the market to the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the business.

This is particularly true when it comes to automating work which was all OTJ for me as there were no courses to learn what I needed to accomplish by Trial and Error, sometimes Trial by Fire if the demand and results were challenging.  Add to this being told that my metrics had to be “Bullet Proof” has led me to establish a more robust sense of data quality and integrity along with a more expansive “Excel Toolbox” than the average user.  The combination of my deep understanding of Excel in conjunction with creatively applying it to many Corporate DIY Projects has resulted in a unique set of skills not often seen in most companies.

Reporting Interface Flexibility

Although Excel has been the primary tool used for metrics and reporting, it hasn’t been the only one as various companies explore other metric reporting tools and interfaces.  Whether it’s creating automated drillable reports using Business Objects’ WebI to playing with Crystal Reports to investigating the potential uses of Crystal Dashboard to name a few, I’ve been able to produce consistent usable results once the initial Learning Curve was completed.  Yet each of these had limitations that Excel didn’t.  Excel has its caveats, some of which can be frustrating, but to date nothing I’ve experienced beats its flexibility.  When that’s combined with creativity, magic can result in ways these other interfaces cannot.  I “broke” Crystal Reports in the first 30 days of using it.  Something I was easily doing in an Excel column was not at all possible in Crystal Reports unless a change was made to the database.  Therefore from my experience, no one tool should be the Be All to End All as they all have their strengths and weaknesses.  Use each tool for its strengths knowing that a variety of them will always be required for the most efficient form of reporting.

Automation Creates Better Accuracy and Productivity

All these things I’ve learned have made my reporting life easier, more productive and accurate, along with the untold others I’ve assisted over the years.

OTJ HelpDesk offers this expansive experience via courses to pass on the knowledge or consulting to address short, medium, and long term projects that will result in faster and more accurate reporting and analysis in conjunction with Purpose Driven Metrics and Reporting.

OTJ HelpDesk represents the culmination of more than 17 years of award winning weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting from Departmental to Executive, Goal Setting/Achievement, Report Assembly Automation, Data Collection Tools, Data Analysis, and miscellaneous Ad Hoc requests and tools, to name a few.  The procedure is basically Identify the need, then Design, Create, and Implement the Process and/or Tools that are “user friendly” which fulfill the objectives of the need including any enhancements as needs change or are redirected.  This is regardless of if its ever been done before which is where Out-of-the Box Thinking is crucial.

Many of the items mentioned here are common in all aspects of business to some varying degree.  Let OTJ HelpDesk give you back some lost time, increase your reporting accuracy, and assess the quality of your metrics program.  That’s why “Saving you time is the best of what we do” because when time is money, then the ROI’s on the time savings OTJ HelpDesk offers has far reaching impact up to and potentially including the company’s bottom line.


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